Oversized cargo transportation

Oversized loads so called due to its size or weight can not be transported in an open or a closed body or container loads, the parameters of which (at least one) exceed the standard. Specificity of oversized loads is that almost all of them are unique, require for their transportation of special equipment, the detailed design of the route, the organization of special permits, if necessary – a special escort transportation, specially trained drivers, as well as many other conditions, which are governed by the rules of transportation of oversized and heavy goods.

Oversized loads are divided into:

  • oversized cargo – a cargo dimensions during the loading of the vehicle exceeds at least one of the parameters limiting overall dimensions of road trains set out in the legislation;
  • long loads – loads is that the loading of the vehicle in favor of the rear envelope more than 2 meters, or greater than 22 meters in length;
  • heavy cargo – cargo, the weight of which is based on vehicle mass exceeding 40 tonnes or load on the axle of the vehicle established by the legislation. Also considered heavyweight such a load, which weight (taking into account the mass of the vehicle) exceeds both of the parameters: vehicle weight and the load on its axis, and not only these figures separately.

Oversized loads that are transported by our company:

  • agricultural machinery (tractors, combines, harvesters, trailers, seed drills, sprayers, etc.);
  • construction equipment (excavators, bulldozers, drilling rigs, cranes, graders, crusher, etc.);
  • oversized various technological equipment (transformers, compressors, mills, processing lines, containers, railway equipment, forging equipment, etc.);
  • cabins (residential premises), Pavilions, Modular building oversized constructions of the houses;
  • oversized loads with a large diameter (tanks, industrial pipes, drums);
  • long goods (pipes, drills, power masts, etc.);
  • oversized wood products, oversized metal, etc ..

The most difficult type of transportation is considered the so-called transportation of project cargoes. Under the project cargo refers to those goods which because of their size and weight can not be transported on public roads without a ekspetizy route and additional approvals.

The staff of our company consists of employees who have a wealth of experience in the transportation of oversized. We are professionally engaged in the carriage of any lengthy, bulky and heavy. Due to the professionalism and experience of specialists and oversize cargo transportation is carried out in the shortest possible time.

All oversized cargo transportation both in Ukraine and abroad are carried out according to the existing legislation, as well as the safety standards during transport.