Transportation over Ukraine and International

Transportation over Ukraine

We provide:

  • transportation of goods category up to 20 tons of standard awning cars and semi-trailers;
  • transportation with car open platform with a length of 9 to 15 meters;
  • transportation of goods refrigerated and insulated vehicles and trailers.
  • transportation of agricultural machinery (tractors, harvesters, cultivators, sprayers, fertilizer distributors, sorters, trailers, drills, etc.);
  • transportation of oversized dimensional construction machines weighing up to 100 tons (cranes, excavators, rollers, bulldozers, drilling machines, graders, etc.);
  • transportation of oversized and heavy process equipment (transformers, forging equipment, technological lines);
  • transportation of huts, pavilions modular buildings;
  • transportation of oversized vessels larger diameters.

     Our advantages in the performance of services in transportation

  • presence of the park tractors with more power and reliability;
  • semi-trailers, including low loader with a loading platform height of 0.5 meters, which allows to reduce the height of the load and minimize the costs for the transport of oversized cargo;
  • qualified drivers;
  • experts in support of oversized cargo and experienced freight forwarders;
  • affordable prices and flexible system of discounts;
  • providing customers with the most complete range of services: maintenance, insurance, assistance in obtaining permits and approvals.

During our practice, we were convinced that we are able to organize and carry out the overall and oversized transportation of any complexity, but most importantly – the time to make sure our many customers who trust us without fear of transportation of goods for various purposes.

International transportation

“Agro Spec Service” offers international shipping goods by road from Ukraine and back (export / import).

We have extensive experience in the delivery of any goods and help you choose the best way to transport your cargo, based on the cost and delivery time, as well as the nature of the cargo. Throughout the process, autotransportations our staff constantly monitor the movement of cargo along the way, ensuring that safety, timeliness and efficiency of traffic.

    Our customers can always receive full information about the whereabouts of the goods on the planned loading dates, departure and arrival at destination.

Our company provides international transportation of cargo in standard dimensions:

  • onboard machines  (6-13 m, 20t);
  • eurotents  (awning, isotherms, refrigerator).

“Eurotent” – conventional concept that refers to a truck with a semitrailer, having dimensions close to the above specifications. In eurowaggon, otherwise referred evrotent, it fits across the width of the delivered 2 Euro pallets 120 cm long each.

 Dimensions evrotenta:

  • length: 13.6 m;
  • width: 2.45 m;
  • height: 2.45 m;
  • volume: 82 m3;
  • capacity: 20-22 tons.

There are many modifications of semitrailers, including semi volume 76-78 m3 – with smaller length (12.5-13 m) and semitrailers, having a standard or a large length, width and height (13,6-15 m, 2.5 m ; 2.7 m). semitrailer design allows to remove the tent and thereby makes it possible to carry out loading / unloading of the side or from above. Furthermore, without semi-trailer tent allows to use both sides of the open area with a height of 35 to 50 cm. Can be set additional loading equipment (elevator, belts, rails, etc.) on the trailer. Suspension may be semi- or pneumatic spring, the pneumatic Articulated ensures smoother running, which prevents the cargo from damage legkobyuschiysya.

International transportation of oversized cargo

We organize oversized transportation through the territory of Ukraine, Europe and CIS countries of agricultural machinery: tractors, combine and forage harvesters, sprayers, watering machines, Potato and transplanters and other equipment that is used in agriculture.

The following parameters must be considered when designing the route for the transportation of agricultural machinery:

  • characteristics and condition of the vehicle;
  • kind of level crossings;
  • rises, hills and slopes of the road;
  • passage under bridges and overpasses;
  • load capacity of bridges;
  • the density of vehicular traffic;
  • speed mode.


International cargo refrigerators

Perishable goods we deliver with the help of refrigerators. It vans, which established a specialized refrigeration equipment to carry out international transportation of goods that require special temperature conditions:

  • vegetables;
  • fruits;
  • mushrooms;
  • berries;
  • nuts;
  • colors;
  • seedlings.

The refrigerated transportation services include:

  • Providing refrigerated with proven serviceable temperature range of -20 to + 15 ° C.
  • Compliance equipment sanitary and other regulations of Ukraine, the EU and other countries.
  • Formation of cargoes (up to 4 sets) in trucks up to 20 tonnes of similarity conditions of transportation, which is convenient for the senders small batches.
  • Cargo insurance and liability for his safety.
  • Work with various forms of payment and payment systems.
  • Vast geography offices (Europe, CIS countries), their operational cooperation.
  • Advice and assistance in the preparation of documents for border crossing.
  • Monitoring following the vehicle.

Our advantages:

  • Fast delivery of cargo and its guaranteed safety.
  • Individual selection of the route of transportation of following.
  • Select the type of transport taking into account the characteristics of the goods and your wishes.
  • Assistance in obtaining documentation and competent consulting employees.
  • Save for each client a reasonable cost of transportation services.