Rental of agricultural machinery

The company «Agro Spec Service» offers rental services of agricultural machinery throughout Ukraine. Our specialists in the shortest time will provide you with the necessary agricultural machinery, taking into account all the wishes and requirements of the customer.
«Agro Spec Service» offers leasing following agricultural equipment:

Equipment for seedbed preparation:

  • Sowing and Plant Technology: plow, harrow, tinker, a skating rink.
  • Equipment for the care of crops: a general-purpose drill, precision seeder, transplanter, Potato planter;
  • Equipment for irrigation and watering: dalnestruynaya and dual irrigation system, watering car, truck multisupporting mobile watering machines, stationary watering machine
  • Spreaders: Manure solid mineral or organic fertilizer distributors liquid fertilizers, machines for liquid organic fertilizers, machines for applying semi-liquid manure, Fertilizer himmelioratnov.
  • Harvesting equipment: harvesters with headers.
  • Techniques for posleuborochnoy obrabotku: zernometately, perehruzchyky, pnevmotransporterы.
  • Special equipment for the cultivation of certain crops: beets, roots, vines, etc.

Rental advantages:

  • No need to buy expensive equipment.
  • The rented equipment will always be where you want and when you want. The company «Agro Spec Service» owns a fleet of semi-trawls for transportation of agricultural equipment.
  • We will pick up all the necessary accessories and attachments for your work.
  • All repair costs and training equipment we undertake.
  • All vehicles can be rented with operators.
  • Fuel can provide the landlord or the tenant to buy.
  • The system of payment and rates are negotiated individually in each case.
  • All vehicles equipped with GPS trackers.