Rental of construction equipment

The company “Agro Special Services” offers the following construction equipment for short-term and long-term rent:


An excavator is the main type of earthmoving machine equipped with a bucket. The main purpose is the development of soils (rocks, minerals) and the loading of bulk materials.

Depending on the specifics of the work performed, excavators are divided into:

  • caterpillar – heavy powerful cars that get to the most inaccessible places, they are stable on any soil and work in off-road conditions;
  • wheeled – maneuverable all-wheel drive cars that quickly and accurately respond to operator actions and show good performance in a large area;
  • backhoe loaders are powerful modern machines with two booms: an excavator located at the rear and a lifting front.


Depending on the specifics of the work performed, loaders are divided into:

  • telescopic handlers with a bucket, pitchfork or bucket of different load capacities and long booms;
  • front-end loaders of various modifications with buckets from 1.0 to 6.0 m3;
  • forklift trucks with a lifting capacity of 1.5 to 8.0 tons.

Dump trucks

Dump truck – a self-unloading cargo truck, trailer or semi-trailer with a body hydraulically tilted for unloading cargo.
Depending on the weight of the goods transported, there are:

  • Small (load capacity up to 2 t)
  • Medium (2 to 10 t)
  • Heavy (10 to 30 t)
  • Extra heavy (more than 30 tons).

Depending on the direction of unloading, dump trucks are allocated with unloading:

  • lateral (to the right and / or left). Side unloading implies that in such a body there will be folding sides for convenient loading.
  • back. Such loading is typical for large construction and mining dump trucks, “heavy trucks”.
  • 3 sided. Such a universal model is in demand in the agricultural sector.


A bulldozer is a self-propelled digging machine, which is a tracked or wheeled tractor, a tractor and the like with a mounted working body – a dump (shield) curved in cross section located outside the base of the chassis of the machine. It is used for layer-by-layer digging, planning and moving (to a distance of 10 – 200 meters) of soils, minerals, road-building and other materials during the construction and repair of roads, canals, hydraulic structures and the like.

Varieties of bulldozers:

  • with a fixed blade mounted perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the base machine;
  • with a rotary blade, which in the horizontal plane can be installed at an angle on both sides of the longitudinal axis of the machine or perpendicular to it;
  • universal with a blade of two articulated halves mounted in a horizontal plane at different angles to the longitudinal axis of the machine or perpendicular to it.


Rental Benefits:

  • There is no need to buy expensive equipment.
  • Leased equipment will always be where you need it and when you need it. The company “Agro Spets Poslug” owns a fleet of trailers for trailers.
  • We will select all the necessary additional and attachments for your work.
  • All the costs of repair and preparation of equipment, we assume.
  • All vehicles are available for rent with operators.
  • The landlord can provide fuel or buy a tenant.
  • The payment system and tariffs are negotiated individually in each case.
  • All vehicles are equipped with GPS trackers.